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Residential garages play many roles. They are a place to park your car when you’re at home, a place to work on miscellaneous household projects, and they provide protection from the elements. Some people use their garages for storage space when they have run out of room in the house. You’re likely to have valuable equipment in there, such as a riding lawnmower. Considering all of this, it’s understandable that the first reaction many people have to an urgent garage door repair need is panic. We’re here to turn that into relief. We at Garage Door Solution Service are the one to be called in the Newport Beach, CA for your door repair service.

Garage Door Solution Service Newport Beach, CA 949-398-2645It isn’t always easy to tell why a garage door has malfunctioned. This is especially true when you don’t have deep knowledge of its working parts along with education and experience. The only thing you feel sure about is that the garage door needs to be fixed promptly. When the service technicians from Garage Door Solution Service arrive at your home, they will spend some time troubleshooting the problem and then discuss the solutions with you.

Garage Door Solution Service enjoys being an integral part of the community. We have enjoyed providing services for home and business owners over the years and look forward to doing it for many more years. We owe our success to the dedication of our skilled journeymen and to you, our customer. If you didn’t place your trust in us time and again, our company would not survive. We are happy to say that we are actually thriving because you love our work and keep recommending us to the people you know.


Some people have an idea of what weatherstripping is but don’t really understand how it works for their garage door. Every garage door has gaps between where it ends and the wall begins. In most cases, these gaps are so tiny that you can’t fit anything through them. Unfortunately, hot and cold air, moisture, and other weather elements don’t need much space at all to cause damage. Weatherstripping seals these small spots so nothing can enter or escape. This has an amazing effect on energy efficiency.

A garage that is losing heat or coolness through tiny gaps is not always a comfortable place to be. You should feel comfortable in your own garage, especially if you spend time working on projects there. The weatherstripping process helps to stabilize the temperature in the garage so it doesn’t feel unbearable in either direction. This even affects the comfort level inside of your home since air from the garage can seep indoors.